Forward__Space is dance, music, wellness and SWEAT.

For those who used to dance, love to dance, and want to dance, we offer a sanctuary-meets-club environment.

Entry is inclusive and the experience is exclusive.

Our highly qualified dance instructors craft accessible yet challenging classes. The result: A high vibrational, energetic damn good time—no experience necessary!

There’s an athlete and an artist in each of us...we’re simply unlocking what’s already there.

FORWARD__Space is founded by world-renowned choreographer, artistic director and master teacher Kristin Sudeikis.

“Dance in its truest form is pure freedom—and the purpose of FORWARD__Space is to bring that very feeling and experience to everyone who walks through the door,” says Sudeikis. “Our community is committed to elevating, empowering, and expanding the universal relationship with Dance, Music, Wellness and Sweat.”

Meet you on the dance floor!